Thursday, October 08, 2009

Here she is, the second installation documenting (possibly) the largest woodcut ever executed on the west coast of any country.

I didn't post part one here, because it's just not as great, and plus, I'm over part one; It's all about part two!

Thanks, Carlos, for running the camera (into the ground).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Make music, make friends at the Echo Curio this Saturday with my favorite bands, CMG & We Are The Night and The Black Heartthrobs. I'll also have some prints hanging on the wall, because they graciously invited me to participate.

Should be fun. (But then again, everything should be fun. -Hey, why don't we let the fun of this event make up for some of the other un-fun stuff we've been going through lately? OK, great, let's do that. It's a deal!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be On and Off

Artist and my good pal Camilla Taylor invited me to make a page for a 2010 calendar featuring actual prints made by actual printmakers. I think it came out pretty well; I was trying to be ambitious. It's a woodcut with fake wood grain screenprinted over it along with two more screenprinted colors (that's 4 colors, folks!). The three different color variations are shown above, making this series a "Variable edition."

In most cases (probably), each print in a series is supposed to be identical, but if the artist decides to make them slightly different, let's say by the use of several different colors, he or she must then add the notation "E.V." in pencil on each print, which stands for "Edition Variable," which makes no sense really. When speaking, nobody says, "Edition variable;" we say, "Variable edition," as in, "This series is going to be a variable edition." What I'm saying is that I think we should write "V.E." instead of "E.V."

Go figure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So What

I don't even know why; the resemblance just struck me when I saw the Neil Diamond one. I guess this is probably a really common pose for album covers (at the mic, holding a guitar, duh), but you don't often see them with this super high contrast black and white treatment. -Or DO you? Let me know if anyone knows of other ones.

Yeah, I know. So what, huh?

Monday, July 20, 2009

DC Rider

Hey, I went to Washington DC last week or something. Here are some pictures for you to like or be indifferent towards. If you're an ex-girlfriend, you can be reminded of why you broke up with me in the first place.

For realsies, though, I saw some amazing art and artifacts and stuff. All the museums are free, free, free. I had no idea. Now you know, and you're welcome.

A grey squirrel at the Jefferson Memorial.

It's too bad Jefferson is dead. He would probably think this memorial is pretty neat, but he'd probably be embarrassed by it too. I mean, you'd have to be the most egotistical creep to be completely down with the idea of a giant Greek temple with a 20-foot statue of you in it as a memorial to you.

Yes, it's the Washington Monument, and I'm sorry but this thing got me totally geeked out. It's massive and it looks different in person than in the pics you've seen. See how the bottom third is a different color than the rest? That's because it sat unfinished for 20-some-odd years back in the 1800s. Didn't know that, did you?

Here's a bit of the mosaic floor in the lobby of the WaMo. I wanted to lick it.

Here's way up at the tipperty-top of that ol' WaMo. That red light thingy is the beacon that blinks so planes don't accidentally hit it. If a plane hit it, I would cry because I'm strangely fixated on it now. Did you know that it was the tallest goddamn structure on the whole planet for a few years? No, you did not. The Eiffel Tower beat it in 1889, by almost double the hight. Ouch!

And check out these goddamn train stations. Whoo-whoo! These were the cleanest train stations I've ever been in anywhere in the world. No bodily discharges of any kind, which makes me think that everyone is constantly under surveillance and any funny business is swiftly quashed (or diapers are distributed).

Nobody seemed to mind me giving a quick speech at an ampitheater at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery, for some reason. I expected to be tackled at any moment.

This is at the Lincoln memorial, which is on our penny. Don't try to take a picture of yourself, mimicking Lincoln's facial expression and the direction of his gaze because it won't work. Trust me.

A shot of Abe's square-toed boot. I want a pair.

This here's the Capitol rotunda. That's the giant building you see behind the "reporters" on infomercials when they're reporting live from the nation's capitol.

Ah! Back in LA, where it was the exact same (warm) goddamn temperature as DC. I was excited to be in this tiled corridor. I haven't been routed through here in years, and I vividly remember it from my childhood. You know, it's the airport, so you can't just go traipsing through whatever tiled corridor you feel like traipsing through.

The end. (-Or IS it? Probably.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New U-Lane Comic

Ta-dah! There's a new Underwear Lane comic over there on Underwear Lane.

Unlike the last one (which had been sitting in a drawer for months before being discovered, scanned and uploaded), this one is fresh as a day lily.

Also, don't worry; this one contains the f-word. -Does it ever!